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  1. Jason Rowing1

    Living with limb difference since childhood

    After a childhood accident Jason Honeychurch spent 6 painful years trying to save his leg. He tells us about his important decision to become an amputee.

  2. Chris Anderson small

    Stuntman Chris Anderson

    Professional stuntman and amputee Chris Anderson talks about his workplace accident and why TV shows with dangerous stunts warn you ‘don’t try this at home’.

  3. Kylie

    Knowing no limits

    Born with a congenital upper limb difference, Kylie Franson has built a career as an educator who talks about life with a physical disability.

  4. Ben Brizzi 2 e1447218208710

    Going toe-to-toe with Ben Brizzi

    Boxer, sportsman and demon dancer, Ben talks about growing up with a limb difference, family support and advances in prosthetic technologies.

  5. Ben Swain Photo 2

    Ben Swain, from lawyer to Australian Cycling Champion

    From tying shoelaces to competing as an elite cyclist – Ben Swain reveals his perseverance overcoming the challenges of congenital limb differences affecting his hands and one foot.

  6. Shane Luke 2 e1437960523843

    Living, playing and working with prosthetics

    Shane is a world-class golfer and a lower limb amputee. As a prosthesis wearer and a prosthetic technician he shares his insights into the industry.

  7. Josh thornton bowling

    The greener side of life

    Josh Thornton talks about his life with congenital upper limb differences, his love of sport and finding lawn bowls as the competitive sport for him.

  8. Limbs4life 33

    Finding your own way

    Gary Johnston is a person with a limb difference and an amputee. He talks about his lucky life and the importance of being who you are.

  9. Paul Byer 1

    Doing everything and more

    Paul Byers lost an arm as a child. He says overcoming a limb loss is easy compared to tackling people’s perception of what he can do.

  10. Geoff

    The power of networking

    Thalidomide survivor Geoff Adams-Spink is part of the global group lobbying governments to gain recognition for all forms of congenital limb difference.