Support for children and young people with limb differences and their families

Government assistance

In Australia there are several support allowances available for people with a disability and their carers:

Carer allowance

This is a supplementary payment that may be available if you are the parent or carer of a child aged under 16 years of age with a disability or medical condition. If you receive a Carer Allowance payment your child will be provided with a Health Care Card. If you receive the Carer Allowance you may also be eligible for additional payments such as the Carer Supplement and Disability Assistance payment. Find out more about the carer allowance

Carer payment

This is an additional payment for parents or carers who have a profoundly disabled child aged under 16 years of age. This payment is asset and income tested and is generally paid when the primary carer is unable to return to work and the child requires full-time high-level care. Find out more about the carer payment

Mobility allowance

As your child reaches 16 years of age and starts receiving payments themselves, he or she may be eligible for the mobility allowance. This is provided to young people if they cannot use public transport due to their disability and in education, training or employment. Find out more about the mobility payment

Pensioner education supplement

This supplement helps students with the on-going cost of part-time or full-time study. It is for people who receive Centrelink payments such as the Carer Payment, Disability Support Pension or Parenting Payment (single). Find out more about the pensioner education supplement

Family payments

A number of means-tested income family payments (e.g. Family Tax Allowance, Parenting Payment, Child Care Payment, Baby Bonus, Parental Leave Pay, School Kids Bonus) are available to parents or guardians to assist with the costs of raising children. Find out more about the family payments

These allowances are overseen by the Australian Government Department of Human Services and Centrelink.

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