Support for children and young people with limb differences and their families

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  1. Congenital Child Tennis

    Children and adolescents with upper limb differences

    Evidence for upper limb prosthesis prescription, and how prosthetists and occupational therapists collaborate to achieve the best outcomes for children who do or don’t use a prosthesis.

  2. Returing to school after a limb amputation

    Is my child missing out by not wearing an upper limb prosthesis?

    Dr Sasaka Bandaranayake discusses the multitude of individualised factors to consider when deciding whether an upper limb prosthesis will suit and be accepted by a child.

  3. Mia1 small

    Touched by Olivia

    This charity works to building inclusive play spaces, where children can play side-by-side regardless of ability.

  4. Dr Gemma small

    Body image in children with limb differences

    Dr Gemma Tatangelo discusses children’s body image and ways in which resilience can be built in those who live with limb difference.

  5. DSAA Photo 2 e1447217876259

    Let’s go surfing … with the Disabled Surfers Association of Australia

  6. SCH SCHN LOGO STACKED RGB e1447725055539

    Meet the Limb Clinic Team at Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick

  7. Patrick Mc Qualter e1441166285669

    Patrick McQualter, Prosthetist (Orthodaedic Appliances)

  8. Latrobe Student Cynthia 2 e1437960319928

    Prosthetists and Orthotists of the future (La Trobe University students)

  9. Shail

    Shail Maharaj, Physiotherapist

  10. Leo Donnan

    Prof. Leo Donnan, Orthopaedic Surgeon