Support for children and young people with limb differences and their families

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About Limbs 4 Kids

Limbs 4 Kids is a national program that supports parents of children born with limb deficiencies and children or adolescents who undergo an amputation early in life.

We support parents and children by:

  • sharing up-to-date information about all aspects limb difference to empower families to make informed decisions
  • raising awareness in the community so limb difference is better understood
  • connecting families with kids with limb differences in person, at events, on social media channels
  • advocating for the needs of people living with limb differences by lobbying governments, big business and different industries.

We are a small team and work closely and collaboratively with members of our community to ensure they play an active role in what we do. We make ourselves available and like nothing better than to receive your phone call to hear your story or help you find the information and support you need.

Limbs 4 Kids is run by Limbs 4 Life, Australia’s peak organisation for amputees and persons living with limb difference.