Support for children and young people with limb differences and their families

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  1. William 2

    Walking with William

    William lost his leg in an accident when he was two and half. His parents, Sally and David, talk about how William has flourished over the last few years by taking part in events that allow him to connect with amputees of all ages.

  2. Ava Da Silva and Gordon Ramsay 2 002

    For the love of Sienna

    Ava talks about the love she has for her big sister Sienna, who was born with upper limb differences, and the charitable ways she is raising community awareness of diversity and Limbs 4 Life.

  3. Charlotte Sitting 2

    Charlotte’s little arm

    Narelle and Shaun share the story of their daughter Charlotte who was born with an upper limb difference. They talk about Charlotte’s sense of determination and willingness to learn new skills - her own way.

  4. Knitting

    Deb’s story

    Deb shares her experiences of being a mother in the ‘70s when access to limb difference information and support was limited.

  5. Rohan1 e1456791496848

    Rohan the ray of sunshine

    Dad Justin talks about his experience advocating for his son Rohan to get the right diagnosis, support and outcomes.

  6. Kate1 e1456791345818

    Kate's story

    Kate is mum to Izabella, who has born with an hand limb difference. She reveals how they have embraced her difference.

  7. Lachlan e1453944751946

    Lachie and his family's story

    Lachie lives with a congenital arm limb difference. Read this news article about him, and the limitless potential his family sees in him.

  8. Alex and Mark e1453946017743

    Alex and his family’s story

    Alex is a sporty, funny boy who has adjusted well to his congenital lower limb differences. Read this article about Alex and his family.

  9. Knox 1 small e1447217185506

    Knox Gibson - drumming to his own beat

    Knox’s mum Kate shares their story of his accident, the difficult decision to amputate, his prosthesis and ongoing care.

  10. Alex Photo e1447217997376

    Photos of children with limb differences

    Melbourne photographer Zaharoula Harris talks about how she started taking award-winning images of children with limb differences.

  11. Harry Mitten Photo 2

    Harry, the little boy who just happens to have an arm limb difference

    Parents Jen and Peter share their ideas about giving son Harry a childhood like any other, as well as helpful books and blogs.

  12. Claudia and Lucas Di Guglielmo

    My brother and I

    Claudia Di Guglielmo talks about living with and helping her brother Lucas, who has a lower limb difference.

  13. Keiran Weston

    You are still you

    Keiren lost a leg in an accident. His mum Peta talks about staying strong as a parent and his motto of ‘don’t become the disability’.

  14. Prosthetic Leg 7

    Talking about Victor's leg

    Mum Ruth describes how she created a storybook to help talk to the other kinder kids about her son Victor’s prosthetic leg.

  15. Di Guglielmo Family

    What I didn’t expect when I was expecting

    Lucas’ mum Maria talks about coming to terms with his congenital lower limb difference as it is just a small part of him.

  16. Gemma

    Gemma’s story

    People who know Gemma don't offer to help until asked – she is determined not to be limited by her arm limb difference.

  17. Col 2

    Col's run of a lifetime

    Col likes colourful prosthetic legs. His current leg was signed by his heroes the day he met his favourite AFL team.

  18. Brooke Shane and Milla

    Our beautiful daughter

    Parents Shane and Brooke talk about daughter Milla’s lower limb difference, her determination and finding support from Facebook groups.