Support for children and young people with limb differences and their families

NDIS resources

Understand what you will be asked about our child’s limb difference and your family’s goals. Use our planning workbook and checklist to prepare for a NDIS planning meeting.

NDIS Guide and Planning Workbook for Amputees and Parents of Children with Limb Difference

Our Guide to the National Disability Insurance Scheme is a comprehensive booklet that outlines the processes from start to finish. It includes worksheets for setting goals for amputees and children with limb differences. Use these worksheets to develop your goals and take them with you to your planning meeting.

NDIS Planning and Checklist for Children with Limb Difference

Our NDIS Checklist helps parents and carers to prepare for a NDIS meeting. Section 1 helps you to document your role as a parent or carer and the section 2 looks at the unique needs and goals of your child.

My Diary – the Kid’s Diary for Children Living with Limb Loss

My Diary enables parents to record questions, names and contact details of healthcare providers, their child’s achievements and goals, and assistive technology needs. It is a tool for parents when sharing information about their child with important others such as teachers, sporting coaches or family members. And it can also assist when preparing applications or attending planning meetings with NDIS staff or NDIS-funded support providers. If you would like a hard-copy My Diary sent to you contact Limbs 4 Life. Or download this version which you can write in