Support for children and young people with limb differences and their families

Funding for prosthetics and assistive technology

Funding the cost of prosthetics and other aids and equipment (assistive technology), is a common concern for families.

Your child is generally eligible for funding from different sources based on the cause of their limb difference.

NDIS funding

In Australia, most children receive prosthetics and assistive technology through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). If your child’s limb difference is congenital or as a result of illness or disease and they require a prosthetic device for mobility or functionality, they will most likely be covered by the NDIS.

If your child is found to not be eligible for funding under the NDIS, talk to your provider and/or contact us.

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State-based public limb schemes

The interim or your child’s first limb is funded under the healthcare system at the Children’s Hospital in your state or territory. If you aren’t sure about funding or costs, talk to your healthcare team.

Funding via a third party scheme

If your child’s limb loss is the result of a trauma or accident, the insuring organisation will most likely fund devices and support.

For example, if your child was involved in a motor vehicle accident, they may be entitled to funding via a motor transport accident scheme in your state or territory.

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